fill her coat with weapons and help her get it on.
'cause one day when she goes,
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I’m always thinking about Tim Roth
I am always having heart eyes for Tim Roth
I love Tim Roth


you become very affilitated with the friends of a leo, even if you have never met them. they tend to describe people on a first name basis and talk about their friends with great pride. all of a sudden you know all this interesting stuff about people you have never met. leos really do put their friends on a pedestal


My outline is like 10% plot, 90% character names, and 40% question marks


i’m a good person, i deserve expensive underwear and dairy free ice cream.

xenontrioxide isn’t it strange?? it’s like everyone there just feels like they’ve got all the friends they need from high school and like…i’ve been out of high school for three years, almost all of my friends are gone either physically or relationship-wise, and i really wish i had made more connections post-high school. but oh well. & thank you <3 you’re a lovely person as well! i hope the city becomes less empty + more filled with excitement for you.


Ableism is telling someone with a chronic illness (or any disability) that they just need to have a “positive attitude” and then they will feel better.

xenontrioxide I’m sorry, that’s tough in a different way. I’m stuck in the town I grew up in where I already know everyone and my old friends are slowly disappearing. no one in community college is interested in making friends, either. I feel so disconnected.

i need more friends.


as a lamp (sagittarius), a star in space (leo)
an illusion (pisces), a dewdrop (gemini), a bubble (libra)
a dream (aries), a cloud (cancer), embroidery (Virgo) a flash of lightning (aquarius)
view all created things like this
time (capricorn), love (scorpio), and gravity (taurus)
the forces of power are invisible

im finally not the crazy, unreasonable, hard-to-deal-with girlfriend and i know because of my ex’s mind games there’s a large possibility i never was, but it feels great to have someone listen to my venting and accept my problems and respect my feelings and more than that, respect ME completely. i know it’s still up to me to get myself to a place of health, but it’s so good to have a significant other whose mere existence is helping me along in the process.